Propeller Communications serves a wide breadth of client industries including healthcare, restaurant/hospitality, non-profit, manufacturing, technology, gaming, banking, education and municipalities.

Propeller analyzes your organization’s objectives, challenges, sales goals and other needs to create communication plans that are as streamlined or as comprehensive as the need requires.
New regulations. Executive changes. Employee morale. Customer satisfaction. Product launches. Market expansion. With every change comes opportunity and challenge. Propeller helps clients think strategically about how to manage the issue, address challenges and seize opportunities.
Your personal investment strategy needs a thorough review every now and then and so does a company’s public relations and marketing activity. We’ll review existing materials, activity and plans to make sure your business objectives are well served by your communication tactics.
From a grand opening to a new product launch, saying the right thing requires using a magic blend of words that appeal to your audience while avoiding misperceptions. Let us help you “hit the bull’s-eye” with a message that resonates.
Building relationships with editors and reporters is a remarkably credible way to tell your story. From print and online to radio and television, Propeller helps clients navigate the diverse news media landscape to send the right message to the right audience.
People fear public speaking more than they fear death, or so the statistics say. We’ll help you learn the ins and outs of telling your story in a credible and consistent way for news media interviews, speaking engagements or other presentations.
Employees are the strongest ambassadors for your brand. With substantial experience managing broad scale internal communications for large corporations and small, Propeller will help, whether the need is a comprehensive employee engagement plan or a one-time announcement.
Every plan needs content. We’ll help you put the nuts and bolts together for annual reports, websites and other sales materials, social media properties or any other communication vehicle.
A crisis never comes when you expect it. Propeller builds crisis response strategies to help clients move quickly and assemble the right people to address problems. But if the big one hits when you aren’t ready, don’t worry – we are. With countless crisis events behind us, we can help with short notice.
Your message should look as good as it sounds. Our in-house design services will ensure that your content puts the best foot forward. Whether it’s event invitations and programs, business cards and letterhead, logos and branding or simply a report that needs to be polished up before distributing, we’ve got you covered.
Events–both large and small–all take an incredible amount of planning and coordination. But it’s all for naught if your target audience doesn’t know what’s happening. We’ll help you get the word out through earned media, social media, advertising and public awareness to make sure the right crowd shows up.
Charitable organizations often have the most daunting communications challenges because they have to reach drastically different audiences with exactly the right message. Whether you need to attract donors, volunteers, qualified staff or clients (or likely all of the above!), we will help you hone your message and strategy in just the right way.