When government organizations need help communicating more effectively, we give them the tools they need to make communities a better place.

The goal for every city is simple – be a great place where residents can live, work and raise a family. Making that happen operationally is hard enough but developing consistent information to educate residents about everything that goes into this process can be daunting.

At Propeller, we have first-hand experience working with municipalities and various government agencies to create and coordinate all the moving parts that go into communicating effective policy for an improved community. From gathering data at public town hall meetings, hosting news conferences and publicizing a final district master plan to coordinating public education about the plan, our team can turnkey the tools to amplify the call to action.

  • Projects We Love
    • Propeller offers the majority of the following services using in-house staff. However, for few complementary services, we collaborate with third-party experts and provide clients with a seamless experience.

    • Marketing and Communications
      • Constituent communications
      • Branding and identity
      • Graphic design
      • Media relations
      • Social media campaigns
      • Advertising
      • Major announcements
      • General awareness and visibility
    • Public Ballot Initiatives
      • Developing talking points for city leaders and speakers
      • Media relations (proactive pitches, news conferences, etc.)
      • Speakers bureau scheduling
      • Education materials (fact sheets, buttons, yard signs)
      • Videos for website
    • Public Education and Public Affairs
      • Comprehensive education campaign coordination
      • Messaging for new programs and other significant change
      • Public input and feedback campaigns
      • Public engagement event coordination
      • Op-ed pieces
      • Design (ads, videos, etc.)
      • Media relations
      • Social media strategy and messaging
      • Developing information materials (fact sheets, web copy, etc.)
      • Coordination and messaging for lobbying
    • Grasstops Campaigns
      • Building, branding and managing grasstops campaigns
      • Identifying and recruiting opinion leaders
      • Advocacy with elected officials
      • Letter, email and phone call campaigns to public officials
      • Developing issues messaging
      • Developing advocacy communications materials

“I’ve been fortunate to have Propeller in my corner on two ballot issue campaigns. Political campaigns present unique challenges: timelines are compressed, budgets fluctuate, tensions are high and they end in the ultimate measure of success—Election Day voting results. In both instances, Propeller’s team provided order amid the chaos; thoughtful strategy in our moments of greatest crisis; and creative solutions to connect meaningfully with Tulsans. Our success was due in no small part to their insight, expertise and leadership.”

Nick Doctor, Chief of Community Development and Policy, City of Tulsa