No matter how daunting the mission may seem, we love offering help to organizations making our communities stronger.

We get it. You don’t just “run your non-profit like a business” for a simple reason: it’s not a business. You wake up every day with the challenge of raising funds from one group of people, while providing essential services to a different group. But your messages need to be thoughtfully crafted and delivered for each. We love non-profits because we know them well. We have been in similar shoes, and we can help you along the way to achieving your mission.

  • Projects We Love
    • Propeller offers the majority of the following services using in-house staff. However, for few complementary services, we collaborate with third-party experts and provide clients with a seamless experience.

    • Marketing and Communications

      Boosting awareness with public relations, advertising, special events, community engagement and digital communication.

      • Constituent communications
      • Branding and identity
      • Graphic design
      • Media relations
      • Social media campaigns
      • Advertising
      • Sensitive issues management
      • Major announcements
      • General awareness and visibility
      • Automated email campaigns
    • Fundraising

      Raising money with development strategy, donor cultivation, donor retention and donor communications.

      • Development strategies
      • End-of-year campaigns
      • New donor cultivation and LYBUNTY strategies
      • Acknowledgement and thank you planning
      • Special event consultation
      • Grant writing and research
      • Capital campaign announcements
      • Database management and clean-up
    • Organizational Development

      Creating clear vision and plans with strategic planning, board and staff development, research and data analysis and streamlined back-end functions.

      • Strategic planning
      • Volunteer recruitment
      • Mission, vision and core values development
      • Board development and engagement
      • Leadership and staff development
      • Executive leadership changes
      • Community polling and data analysis

“Propeller helped us expand our media presence and reach in a very real way. They are not just vendors to us, they are a part of the team, and their work as thought partners and advocates has had a measurable positive effect on our marketing efforts.”

Heather Brasel, Director of Communications & Marketing, Holland Hall